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Los Roques is the largest marine park in the Caribbean. Located 176 km from Caracas, this amazing coral archipelago is made up of over 50 unique virgin atolls and small islands. The coral reefs host some of the most beautiful underwater fauna and flora of the Caribbean. Gran Roque is the largest island of the archipelago and is located on the north ridge of this spectacular marine park.

Rooms to rent in Los Roques

It is possible to stay at Los Roques and enjoy the spectacular sights and beaches at our vacation accommodation in Los Roques. Accommodation is available through rental rooms in Los Roques at beautiful posadas such as the fantastic Posada Movida, a hotel inn in Los Roques offering warm hospitality, Latin buzz and delicious food. You will be enchanted by the warmth and hospitality of the Posada Movida in Los Roques.

The Los Roques posada consists of 6 beautiful double rooms with air conditioning and ensuite bathroom. A spacious and very comfortable lounge with a beautiful kitchen is the heart of the posada. From the lounge you can reach the open air terrace where two hammocks await you for your evening relaxation or for an under-the-stars conversation.

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Hotel in Los Roques offers comfortable accommodation and great service

Every day our boat takes guests to one of the beautiful islands nearby. We leave in the morning, take you to the chosen island, find the best place for your beach umbrella and picnic and leave you there to enjoy the sun and sea until the late hours of the afternoon when we come back to pick you up and take you back to the posada for an afternoon refreshment. Truly a wonderful way to relax away from the stress of daily life!

The park is famous for underwater immersions, kite surfing and sport fishing. You can also fly over the archipelgo with an ultralight glider.

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Scuba diving trips to the Los Roques reef can be organized through one of the three diving centers on the island. All of them offer the same rates, at US$85 for two immersions a day, including all equipment. Special offers are available if you are interested in diving on more than one day.

Los Roques is the ideal place to practice kite surfing because there are always constant winds.
It is possible to practice kite surfing on all islands. A "Sailing" center offers lessons and equipment rental for kite and wind surfing.

In Los Roques it is possible to practice two kind of sport fishing: fly fishing and trolling. Fly fishing takes place in the "flat" areas where you can find Bone Fish and Tarpon. Local guides garantee 15 catches a day. Trolling instead takes place close to the big barrier where you can catch big barracudes, wahoos, snappers and tunas. In both cases, a rental boat and local guide are necessary.

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